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E-Z Swinger Woods & Irons


Simply stated, E-Z Power Swinger’s highly flexible shaft produces more distance with less effort. It's as easy to use as the name implies, which makes the E-Z Power Swinger ideal for seniors, women, or anyone looking for more power.

The E-Z Power Swinger shaft is made of a composite material called "Aramid," a product of the aerospace industry. It's lighter than graphite, yet stronger than steel. But the reason E-Z Power Swingers produce drives up to 50 yards farther than normal is the shafts lightning quick recovery rate which translates into tremendous clubhead speed. All a golfer has to do is swing like a practice swing and let the club do the rest—it's fantastic.

E-Z Power Swingers unique shock absorbing qualities make golf a reality for individuals who suffer from arthritis, back problems, severe physical ailments or handicaps that have prevented them from playing golf.

E-Z Power Swinger oversize metal woods (available in 1, 3, 5, 7) retail for $160.00. E-Z Swinger Irons are available in men's and women's models 1-9, PW and SW, for a retail price of $125 each.

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Navel Putter


Introducing the mid-length Navel Putter, from Matzie Golf Company, the originators of the Long Putter. The Navel Putter is the next generation in putter innovation.

You've seen the pros on TV using and winning PGA Tour events with this latest technology. Now, you can take advantage of the same benefits the pros use. The mid-length navel putter is longer then normal, so the shaft extends up to your stomach. This provides a secure anchor point for extra stability and a true pendulum motion to improve your putting. Best yet, there is nothing new to learn when using the Navel Putter. Just take the same grip, set-up, and stroke you currently use with a traditional length putter. The only difference is that the Navel Putter has a longer shaft that is placed in your belly button and acts as a fulcrum point that controls the putting stroke for increased stability, consistency and accuracy.

The Matzie Navel Putter has a standard length of 40". It features an extra long one-piece grip, and a popular heel-and-toe weighted head design, with an off-set hosel. The SRP is $60, and is available right or left handed, in a variety of lengths suitable for men women, and juniors.

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Training Grips


Matzie Golf Company introduces a new improved training grip that’s made in the USA. The Matzie Training Grip is exclusively designed to mold the hands into a standard Vardon overlap or interlocking grip. The fingers fit around ridges that serve as guides for the correct hand position, while two V's (painted white) indicate the proper placement of the thumb and forefinger of each hand.

The Matzie Training Grip is great as a teaching aid, or install it on a practice club to make the correct grip become second nature.

The exclusive Kraton material provides a soft and tackie feel throughout the life of the grip. The grip will never harden, crack, or get slick, and tackiness can be restored by cleaning with soap, and water. The material is non-porous. It won’t absorb water or perspiration, and the grip can be towel dried in seconds.

The retail price for the Matzie Training Grip is only $6.50. Available for right and left hand in sizes for men, women, and juniors.

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Long Putters


Matzie first introduced the original long putter in 1985. Many of the world’s top players on the PGA, PGA Senior, LPGA, and all tours worldwide, as well as top amateurs, are putting and winning with Matzie Long Putters. The Long Putter simplifies putting by creating a pendulum motion that produces a truer roll for improved accuracy and feel. The extra length promotes an upright stance that improves alignment and reduces back strain.

Matzie long putters have won a multitude of events and millions of dollars on tour. Matzie now has four models to choose from, the Blackjack, Blackjack 2, Blackjack 3, and the popular EZ, so there’s one just right for you. If you don’t putt like a pro, choose the putter the pros use—Matzie, the original name in long putters.

Matzie Long Putters are available with the new Matzie Collapsible Travel Shaft that conforms to USGA rules. With just a simple motion, the collapsible shaft breaks-down to about 37" in length, so it will fit in a the trunk of a sportscar, or in an airline flight-bag.

Available in a variety of lengths from 44" to 50". Retail price for Matzie Long Putters is $100—with Collapsible Shaft $130.

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Swing Perfecter


The SWING PERFECTER is the latest training innovation from Matzie Golf Company. It is based on the same design principles and features as our famous Amazing ASSIST, but unlike the ASSIST, you can hit balls with the Swing Perfecter.

The Swing Perfecter makes practice more productive. The patent pending Swing Perfecter, with its precision bent shaft, exaggerates the release with a force much greater than a standard 7 iron. As the club is swung, the release action is accentuated to eliminate slicing.

Golfer's will learn quicker and easier because they will feel the proper swing when hitting balls with the Swing Perfecter. The Swing Perfecter will increase clubhead speed, and produce longer, straighter, more consistent shots. In addition, the exclusively training grip automatically places the hands on the club in the correct position.


  • Grip
  • Wrist Action
  • Clubhead Speed
  • Consistency
  • Distance
  • Strength
  • Accuracy

Available right and left handed for men, women, and juniors.

U.S. Patent Pending

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