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Golf Innovation Since 1946

Matzie Golf Company

Since 1946, when Fred Matzie first established the company at the Westward Ho Golf Course in West Los Angeles, CA., Matzie Golf has been creating and manufacturing innovative golf products. During the period immediately following World War II, materials like brass were a priority metal and difficult to obtain. Fred ordered the material from the foundry for use as door handles, and his first putter designs were actually mounted on the clubhouse doors. Since then, Velvet Touch Putters have gone on to greatness, having been used to win many PGA tournaments, including all four majors.

Through the years, putters have been a major part of our business. The great Black Magic putter of the 50's and 60's was the first center-shafted putter. In 1976 we began personalizing putters with company or tournament logos incorporated into the design. In 1985, Matzie again made history by becoming the first company to manufacture and market the long putter, and recently we added the Navel putter.

Putters were just the beginning. In 1948 we started custom club making, with the purchase of Levings Golf Company, and to this day we have continued to produce innovative woods and irons. In 1978 we introduced the famous E-Z Swinger golf clubs, featuring a highly flexible shaft to provided extra distance for seniors and women. Surprisingly, many PGA touring pros and college coaches used the E-Z Swinger as a tempo training device, which eventually led to a whole new Teaching and Training Division for our company.

In 1986, Delbert Page, one of our energetic salesman, introduced us to the Amazing ASSIST swing trainer, which was originally designed and developed by the late teaching pro, Tony Olsen. Well, we agreed to manufacture and market the Amazing ASSIST, and to our delight, and golfers everywhere, it has grown to become the best selling swing trainer ever designed. To compliment the ASSIST, we have since added the Perfecter Swing Trainer and Training Grips.

Today we are on the threshold of a new frontier with innovative products designed to improve your game. You can find our products in better pro shops and golf stores everywhere.